Dutch inJazz

The Netherlands has a rich jazz culture that is supported by young innovative musicians and well-established names who continue to reinvent themselves. Using the title ‘Dutch inJazz’, 20 such acts will be presented during inFestival. This is a way of informing the industry about recent musical developments in Dutch jazz. These 20 artists are carefully selected by a professional jury from a group of more than 250 applicants. This guarantees the high quality of the festival programme and a close match between demand and supply.

Europe inJazz

A country is often too small for a performing musician to survive in a niche market like jazz. This is why it is important that we help jazz to cross borders. Networking internationally is essential. Europe inJazz was created to strengthen and build international relationships. Allowing European festival programmers to become acquainted with Dutch bands, matching Dutch professionals to these programmers and bringing Dutch bands into contact with foreign bands results in collaborations and a cross-fertilisation process that is needed to get things moving.
Programmers of various prestigious European festivals are asked to present a local band that they think can make a real contribution to what is already a colourful inFestival programme. Providing these acts with a location at the festival exposes the underlying networks which subsequently offer international opportunities for Dutch bands and professionals.

Next Generation inJazz

Jazz music is rooted in a tradition of high-quality musicians. These roots are in part formed and supported by the many forms of education that exist in the Netherlands. About 95% of the professional musicians who are active on the jazz circuit studied music. Conservatoria are an important and integral part of all this. In order to drastically reduce the gap between students graduating from conservatoria and the labour market, it is important that both students and the conservatoria know about – and feel a connection with – the inJazz event.
This is why we feel it is so immensely important to give conservatoria and their students a stage at inJazz. A stage where they can demonstrate the importance of developing talent intensively. Every Dutch conservatorium is asked to propose a Master’s student. This soloist is allowed to present him or herself to the Netherlands jazz scene by performing their own composition with the accompaniment of a professional combo. Visitors and the organisers of Next Generation inJazz see this as a valuable addition to the programme.

inJazz World

Jazz is the foremost musical genre to engage in ground-breaking crossovers and World Music often proves to be jazz’s favourite partner. That’s why inJazz 2018 has opted for a special focus on World Music ensembles during the Friday night festival programme showing international quality, aspiration and allure. Also, on Friday during the day, at the conference, two World panels focus on experts on export and intensifying cross-border traffic between Belgium and The Netherlands. inJazz World stems from the fruitful collaboration of inJazz and World Music Forum NL. The Dutch World Stage is commissioned by Dutch Performing Arts.